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Your Business Promotion is our Business


My Chennai City is a News portal with a major mission for providing updated News and Information about the great Indian City, Chennai. Apart from this, we provide full-fledged business promotion services. We do research and scientific study about various lines of business and publish them in our portal. This adds value to our client's brand and creates an endless demandfor their products or services.The portal also has a mobile van advertising division that aims at providing innovative digital solutions for corporate as well as retailers in Chennai.

The major sections include:


In this section, we help our clients to showcase their products and services in a reliable manner. Our clients can pitch in their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) here so that they can gain the confidence of their prospective customers.

Example: An online super market can publish their USP such as reduced prices, offers, and other schemes. They can prepare a long list of their products and services and publish them.


In this section, we publish interviews of key personnel of our clients.

Click on the respective link to read the interview.


In this section, we publish all important events in Chennai. To publish your event in this section send the details to


In this section, we promote keywords relating to our client's businesses by creating blogs related to their products and services. To publish your blog in this section send the details to



In this section, we promote different offers anounced by our clients. The offers are automatically promoted through our digital marketing mechanism. To publish your offers in this section send the details to


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Your Business Promotion is our Business

PRISM Network, All India Network of City-based Business Portals., a city-based Business Promotion Portal, is a unit of PRISM Network

We adopt a very unique methodology of Display Advertisements combined with Digital Marketing, We publish our client’s directory listing under appropriate categories and google recognizes those listings, We do digital marketing of Key words for our clients.

We do Website Design and Development.

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