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Meet Mr. Sundaram, CEO of KBuffer

In the first instance we want to thank Mr. Sundaram to have consented to give this opportunity to meet and understand more about him and his Company.

In this meeting with Mr. Sundaram, he is throwing light on his unique products and services.We stand 'spellbound' and 'speechless' after understanding his experience and skill sets.

Interview by S. Saravanan

When did you start your career and as what?

(After a pause) Well, well, I started my career as 'Accounts Assistant' in a Coffee plantation company is Yercaud. It was way back in 1979. I was in that company for just 6 months.

What was your major job after the first stint?

My major stint was as General Manager of a large publishing company in Chennai. About 200 people were reporting to me. I had made friends with many journalists during that period. I was there for almost five years before I started my own Desk Top Publishing Unit. I am one of the pioneers of DTP system initially introduced by Apple.

We understand that you are a pioneer in the field of Multimedia as well. How did you enter that field and when?

Well, one fine day, when I was in my office, directors of a Multimedia institute walked into my office. They said they have taken Franchise of Aptech Arena Centre for Adyar I was taken as the Centre Head of Arena Multimedia in 1995 when Aptech started their first Multimedia Centre in Adyar (Chennai). I was able to enrol 200 students within 6 months.

What are the areas you are specialising?

Well, I started off as a printer and publisher. Then I had my tryst with Desk Top Publishing (DTP) because it is out related to my fields. Then I continued with Computer Graphics, Animation, Multimedia, ePublishing, Technical Writing, Instructional Designing, and eLearning.

What is your goal or ambition as far as KBuffer is concerned?

I have been saying this almost every day. I want to train as many students as possible in KBuffer. As it is I would have trained more than 6000 students.
Here is a list of candidates who recently got trained by me in recent times.
I train people of all ages. When I was 35, I had trained a gentleman of 76 years. It is the passion for training that drives me. My ambition is to help the next generation to come up in life.

Do you have branches in other cities? Do you have expansion plans?

At present we have our presence in Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad. In Chennai we have two offices, one in T. Nagar, and the other in Aminjikkarrai (Near Skywalk). In Pune we have our office in Magarapatta and in Hyderabad it is in Madhapur. If suitable associates are identified, then we would like to expand.
But to be frank, our virtual classroom is very popular and we have students from all parts of the globe. So, world is small! There are umpteen number of ways to spread education.

Do you offer placement for your students?

Actually all our courses are job-oriented. Instead of claiming that we offer placement, I can say that we have 100% placement record. The candidates who get trained and placed send more candidates. My students are my brand ambassadors.

Do you have testimonials of students?

Yes, of course. Many students who are overwhelmed share their experience.
Here is a link:

We understand that you are a well-known for your Corporate Training skills. How many Corporate Training programs you would have conducted?

Many.. I lost count. Definitely more than 100. Many MNCs are in the list. You can check my company profile in this link.

Sundaram can be contacted at 9840794961

Meet Mr. Bala. G. of M/s. Vivaaha Cards and Printers

First of all, we want to thank Mr.Bala.G. of Vivaaha Cards and Printers for giving this opportunity for meeting him and understanding his Company and their business.

Interview by Ravikumar Srinivasan, Business Development Manager,
My Chennai City

How long you are in this industry?

Right from my school days, I am in this wedding card sales and printing industry.

When did you started Vivaaha Cards?

Myself and my brother Siva started Vivaaha Cards in Tambaram 15 years back.

What are all the special features available in your firm?

We have a wide range of Wedding Cards(State-of-the-Art) collections along well-supported by our own printing unit to meet different needs of our customers.

What is the specialisation of Vivaaha Cards?

We are specialist in providing Perfume Wedding Cards.

Do you have branches? Do you have expansion plans?

Right now, we don't have branches, but we are planning to expand our branches in Chromepet and Velachery shortly.

What is your goal (or) ambition as for as Vivaaha Cards is concerned?

Always we want to provide our best services to our customers.

Mr.Bala. G. can be reached at 8939994747. We wish him and his Company all the best in all their endeavours.


Interview Comments

Samuel: Chennai - Great to hear Sir, Hope you are doing well.

Radha: Chennai - Congratulations. Proud to have you as my Guru.

Lilly Immaculate: United Kingdom - Well done Sir. Good to know the path you had come through all these years with sucess. God bless you.

Sonika Ambasta: Delhi - Great Sir.

Krishnan: Chennai: Read the Interview, congratulations Sir.

Priya K.: Chennai - Saw your Interview, it was great Sir, Best Wishes.

Manav: Punjab - Great Sir.

Sirisha: USA - Dear Sir, very proud to read your interview, it is just the beginning. Not far away is the day when we get to read your achievements in an international website too. Congrats and please keep running. It is the urge the people like you that serves as vitamin tablet for youngsters ulike us. Proud to be here student may God bless you.

Rama: Chennai - Nice Sir.

Hema: Chennai - Awesome.

Poulomi: Chennai - Congratulation Sir, very well done.

Smitha: Pune - Wow! Congrats Sir.

Natasha: Chennai - Super.

Ranjan: Chennai - Nice Sir.

Rahini: Chennai - Very Nice Sir.

Arun George: Chennai - Congrats.

Anisha: Chennai - Congratulations.


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