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Hi there! Welcome back to ‘My Chennai City’ Undoubtedly new year and winter vacation would have kept us all busy.

We wish all our readers a very happy and prosperous 2019. We have some bright drizzles to kick start this new year. With growing traffic and scorching summer, difficulty in finding an accommodation, most of Chennaites often do raise a dozens of complaints, but the Union government and Times of India believe that Chennai stands apart as a best place to live in than other cities in the country. According to the Times of India, ‘Chennai is the second best metro, going by the ease of living’.

Our small survey also helped us derive similar yields. Be it in terms of medical facilities or education, employability or lifestyle, Chennai has consistently lived up to the expectations of its residents. So, Bingo! increase in traffic and difficulty in finding accommodation are positive performance indicators that we in Chennai have too many migrants coming in. Why?

But yes, you need to be aware, that too many people coming in, will mean that there is too much competition coming up. Be it at schools, colleges, universities or corporate, the intensity of competition has been extremely high.  This calls for need to be up to date when it comes to facing an interview or digging an opportunity.

We have also found that trainings and additional skillset are increasingly popular among the recruiters. There is hype in demand of outsourced training at both academic and corporate sides. This is not only to ensure that best talents are hunted down, but also to make sure that retained skillsets are equipped up to their best.

Training are now also demanded by many parents for their school-goer as an extra mile to ensure that the future youth are exposed to practical real challenges right before they embark on it. I also personally feel this is essential as school curriculum must be expanded to fit in with increased competition.

Adroit Universe is currently often cited name with a range of training for both corporate and academic. If you are looking to add a UK based essence to your workshops, then this could possibly be a good start. They are covering a range of areas under one roof. And the best thing about them is the ease of access and the affordability all packed neatly with good quality materials. So if you are looking to add some essential skills personally, for your institutions or firm, this firm is a definite worth for try.

A good number of alternatives can further be browsed through an internet search. But we would advise you to opt for a guaranteed reference before opting for such trainings, as these are something to be delivered with experience.

With exam seasons upcoming, it is going to be a laboured shifts for all our students. And the financial year end will keep our professionals also busy. We assume that for job and opportunity seekers stuck in between nowhere, this little post would be a sigh of relief.We are also opening blog for our reader’s demand. If you have any queries or discussions, opinions or ideas to be shared, discussions, then we will be more than happy to host you. Please post your comments and demands, and we are here to serve you!


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