Make this week-end a merry one for your kids in an affordable way!


Of recently, I have received too many queries about parenting. With life being full of needs, it is become inevitable for both parents to win the bread in a family. However, this often put the little ones in the family in a very difficult time. So it is important that week-end is made a best entertainment for kids.

Here we bring some top-picks which you can make as entertainment for your kids this weekend at extremely affordable returns.

Fun City:

Yes, indeed, fun city brings a compact packed fun for your little ones. Best malls in Chennai be it EA, or Phoenix, do have a fun city accommodated. They display range of indoor fun games, Virtual tours, rides, air-hockey etc. Starting with as less as Rs.300, the fun city cards can be topped up, and they will serve as an excellent entertainment for kids for few hours’ time. This can be topped up with multi-flavoured food-courts which offers momos, doughnuts, milkshakes, pizzas and what not! A walk down malls watching your kids enjoy, and then riding around fun city will just add a perfect end for a kids oriented week-end!

Amusement Centres:

Amusement Centres Chennai

Kids are clever enough and they actually need some challenges to outsmart them. Yes, in this smart era, kids actually need smarter challenges to get entertained. One best entertainment for your kids would be the newly trending amusement centres such as the Mystery rooms and Freeing India. Located in hot hubs of city like Nungambakkam, and Besant Nagar, these places serve an excellent and smart way to get the kid entertainment going on. They have different themes. At bare minimum cost of Rs.500 – Rs.900 per person, they not only serve kids with entertainment, but with skills like reasoning, team work and solving puzzles. You can get along as a family or group of mothers with kids, as these theme tasks allow teams of up to 4 till 6.


Beaches have always been the hit list for best places to wonder around with kids. There is an exhaustive list of beaches in Chennai ranging from Marina till Elliot. But beaches have been alternatives since generations, and parks are in too much focus.

Semmozhi Poonga Chennai

The Semmozhi Poonga is one of the recent addition to Chennai’s kids favourites. The park hosts over 300 species of plants. It comes up with ponds that make excellent entertainment for kids with quacking ducks. The Poonga (park) has attractive colourful lights which makes it a lively place to stay back till night. Allows a healthy view with family time, after all time is the best gift any parent could provide their kids with.

Chetpet Eco Park: Yet another developments of the city which makes a good entertainment for kids on a Sunday evening. Although small in size, this park allows activities like fishing, boating, walking, 3D multimedia room all coming in at a bare minimum of Rs.25/- entrance fee.  This is a natural scenery offering abundant greenery making it not only worth visit but relaxing place for a family Sunday evening, and an added entertainment box for your kids.  The place offers a special children play area, and has provisions for refreshments like quick brunches and beverages.

Muttukadu Boat House:

If boating is what your kids get entertained of, then Muttukadu is a spot which you should visit one week-end. Although a bit in the outskirts of the city, yet it is a perfect end to a tiring week with a relaxing long drive ending up in this backwater area. Muttukadu allows a range of water activities including water skiing, wind surfing, manual boat, speed boat and row-boating.

They have a range of boating alternatives with different price mix ups. You can either share or go on a speed ride, row your own boat or simply board on a power boat. Various experiences are packed at costs starting from Rs.50/- going as high as up to Rs.500/- maximum.

This boat club house has especially attracted lot of interest after the development of its bamboo house which allow the visitors to stay and watch other riders enjoying. It comes with a fine dining place, thus adding a complete touch to a perfect family outing and a good entertainment for kids to begin with the memories on a new week ahead.

Apart from the above handpicked, there are yet a number of theme parks like Queens land, Dizzee World and Universal Kingdom & Snow Kingdom. Chennai also host a good number of educational filed trips such as the Birla planetarium, Government museum, Railway Museum, National Art Gallery to mention a few. Or be it historic visits like the Mahabalipuram, Fort St George, Alamparai Fort, Valluvar Kottam etc. However, we felt that these are the amusements and field trips which kids often get to visits as school tours. The main attempt of this article is to create awareness of some entertaiments spots for your kids, which you can simply opt for without too much prior planning and worrying about the budget.

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