This is Chennai – Namma Ooru (Our Native) – No Gaja- No Varadah- can ever come between us!


It is not unusual for Tamil Nadu to be invaded by series of events since last few years. Yes consistently over the last few years, Chennai, and various parts of Tamil Nadu have been challenged from the events like Varadah flood (2016); demise of former CM Selvi J.JayaLalitha (December, 2016); Jallikattu protests (Jan, 2017);

A couple of sad incidents in 2018 were the death of former CM Dr.M. Karunanidhi (August, 2018) and the most recent Gaja cyclone (November 15th 2018).

Incidents like natural calamities, be it droughts, floods, or cyclones have always left mankind helpless. While these are the most challenging times, they have every time strengthened the ties among Tamilians.

Be it Kerala flood, or within state like the most recent challenge, Gaja, Tamilians have always held their heads up high in being independently cooperative.

While the coming of cyclone was predicted days before the event, rescue teams, boats were set into action, people were moved to safety regions, yet preps for aftermath were completely ignored.

Gaja, not only deprived many victims of their possessions, but even meaning to live. Lost and helpless inmates within the Delta, craved for the most basic means to living – Water. But the local residents never waited for any external or political support. They came out with all that they had to share.

Internationally residing people from Delta origin contributed financially and shared the news through media Funds were raised in the US, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada and Gulf. Groups of youngsters got down to road and reached for the washed outs with food, provisions, candles, mosquito coils, milk powder, sugar, bread etc. Responsibilities were shared, where in large quantities of food was prepared, packed and distributed door to door in most affected (and least emphasised) regions of Pattukkottai, Adirampattinam, Muthupettai, Vedaranyam, Nagapattinam and smaller rural regions surrounding these towns.

These acts make us think that indeed, humanity is still existing. All the heroes engaged in this operations shared that they never felt so happy ever in doing anything else than helping the actual victims of the Gaja.

These heroes were neither from media just reporting on situations nor in any power sitting and making discussions only. They were actually people who lived the situation. A hats off salute to all survivors and heroes who fought the horrors of the cyclone steadily.

We take this platform to thank all of you to teach a lesson that ‘Together we can’. And here I would also like to mention the important role that education institutions can play in developing our future heroes. I would like to express a very special thanks to EuroKids, Palavakkam, nursery and pre-school (Anna Salai, ECR, Palavakkam). The school helped in raising funds for Gaja Victims. All the parents, teachers and their lovely blossoming Eurobuds displayed an active role in joining hands. This is an excellent example of how kids at cradle are thought to help, regardless of caste, creed and origin. I hope that this inspiration filled in their little hearts at this age will transform into mighty courage as they grow to become our future.

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We thank and express condolences to all of them who are in some or other way related to this sad event. And we also express a hope and optimism that we do have people of our state to lend us their shoulders, if need be.


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